Do you want to help people learn things that are useful? Can your book help them discover their unique gifts? If so, then we invite you to partner with us. We are an idea production company specializing in informal non-fiction. We leverage Print-On-Demand to help you deliver your material to the world, while allowing you to retain the creative rights to your intellectual products.

Here's how partnering with us works:

  • You have an idea that we like (that is, it's a book we personally want to read OR an app we personally want to use... which makes the whole publishing process much more interesting) Alternatively, we personally know and really like YOU and want to help you achieve your goal of publishing.
  • You write the book or the software (we can help you brainstorm and organize your ideas throughout the process; if your idea is amazing, we can even provide you with ghostwriters)
  • We find one or two people to edit your work, and you make revisions if needed
  • We design a cover and construct a camera-ready manuscript with index
  • We get your book on Amazon (print and Kindle format, if possible)
  • We produce an eBook and set up automated online delivery to customers
  • We all market the book together any way we can
  • You retain all copyright and creative rights to your work and derivative works
  • And finally, as your products sell, all contributors share in the royalties. (The author's cut is typically about 25% of list price, which compares favorably to self-publishing which nets the author around 40%.)



We'll typeset your book (and engage an editor or two) to help make it ready for publication. We'll get you an ISBN. We'll do all the bookkeeping.


Communal Effort

This is agile, cooperative publishing at its best. No fees, no advances, no stressful production calendars: just a group of people working together to get ideas out into the world.


The Oh Yeah Part

We'll help you make your technical or academic book more fun and engaging.