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Want to change the world? Do you have a different way of telling a story that you believe is compelling... and just maybe a little bit subversive? We want to help you publish that story. Especially if it's technical.

What we do for you
Package and deliver your message to the world.

We get your message out there. Give us your Word doc, we'll make it look good and feel good, then we'll get your book on Amazon and into the wider market.

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We only publish stuff that we love.

We implement an anti-business-model that works like this: Do we think your book is fun? Do we think other people will benefit from reading your book, and will they think your book is fun too? Do we have a personal connection with you, and want to help you achieve your goals? If so, then we help you get your published works into the world. Really, there's no magic here: just a personal selfish desire to learn more and help other people do the same.

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Our clients are YOU and THE WORLD.

Is the WORLD happy to be reading your book? Are YOU happy that your book is out in the world? OK, our work here is done.

We have projects from 5 different authors in progress, with tentative release dates from November 2015 through August 2016.

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